College Hill Native Garden

garden4College Hill Park has recently been enhanced through a Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) Native Garden Grant. Through funding from Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and Lowe’s, KTB provided twelve communities with the support and materials needed to create and maintain a native plant demonstration garden. To assist with the creation of the garden, Keep Salado Beautiful (KSB) received a $600 gift card to Lowe’s, $500 in maintenance assistance, a variety of gardening materials, along with additional administrative assistance and marketing support from KTB.

The Robertson Colony-Salado College Foundation received a Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant of $14,159 to improve the Salado College Memorial Park Trail by constructing a new granite trail park entrance and installing accessible parking and signs. KSB and Robertson Colony-Salado College Foundation are working together to create a pocket garden and gateway into Salado College Memorial Park.

The KTB funded native garden will beautify the park entrance gateway that welcomes a high volume of visitors during the year and also provide a “living museum” that focuses on nature exhibits, education programs, and recreation resources for countless visitors, teachers, and children of all ages. KSB’s goal is to present the Central Texas area with educational and recreational opportunities which will increase people’s knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of the Central Texas natural environment and its connection to other ecosystems.

In December 2015 Village of Salado applied for the Texas Department of Transportation, Transportation Alternatives Program Grant and was awarded funding for the installation of a hike and bike trail to increase pedestrian accessibility to and between neighborhood and businesses in the downtown corridor. The Trail route is planned to begin at College Hill and Main Street and continue across Royal along Salado Creek.