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One new project is Adopt-A-Spot. Our VIP’s currently keep the Village tidy, but they must contend with lots of trash before they can mow. A community group, neighborhood, friends, or family can “adopt” any given area for a small donation. A sign will be placed, and the group will be asked to keep that spot with quarterly pick-ups for the year. The VIP’s will be able to mow and trim, the donations will maintain the engines, and The Village will benefit.

Read the Adopt-A-Spot guidelines outlined below.  To adopt a public place in Salado, fill out the Adopt-A-Spot Guideline and Application Forms and mail it to: Keep Salado Beautiful, P.O. Box 895 c/o Adopt-A-Spot Program, Salado, Texas, 76571 or drop the form off at the Village of Salado Administration Building.


Current Keep Salado Beautiful Adopt-A-Spots

SITE                                            SPONSOR

1  Tennis Courts     –     Salado High School Tennis Team

2  Royal & Baines     –      The Chatfields

3  1700 Old Mill Drive     –     Rod and Sheryl Russell

4  Sirena/Creek Picnic Area     –     Royal Street Arts District

5  Creek Picnic East     –     Salado High School National Honor Society

6  Green Bridge     –     Salado High School Student Council

7  Salado Plaza     –     Leader One Mortgage

8  Sculpture Garden     –     Bobby and Deanna Whitson Family

9  College Hill & Main     –     Hulda and the Friends of Historic College Hill

10 Pace Park     –     Rotary Club of Salado

11 Thomas Arnold & West Village Rd.     –     Johnny’s Steaks and BBQ

12 Sherrill Park & Mill Creek Dr.      –     Mill Creek Community Association